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From your university application enrolment to assisting you with your student finance application, UNISEF will be by your side, guiding you through every step of the way. 

Guaranteed job placement after graduation (limited availability).

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Most foundations we work with are attached to a 4 years program. They are already in higher education.


Our undergraduate degrees in (GB) prioritize employability, taught by industry-experienced faculty for a successful career start.


Our postgraduate degrees in (GB) offer specialization in business, law, health, and other areas, enhancing your career prospects and setting you apart from others.

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Your trusted educational consultancy. Personalised guidance, extensive network, proven results. We empower students with tailored solutions, continuous support, and insights to unlock academic excellence and a brighter future.

Guaranteed Job Placement!

We have established strong connections with a wide range of industry partners, giving you exclusive access to a vast pool of job opportunities.

There is no other agency in the UK that offers guaranteed job placement except us. Our spots are limited, so contact us before they are filled.

Assistance with your student finance application.

Simplify your student finance application. Our expert team provides personalized guidance, identifies funding options, and ensures accurate and compelling applications.

We will guide you to success.

Your pathway to success. We provide personalized guidance, support, and resources to help you achieve academic excellence.


University Enrolment

Start your educational journey by enrolling in a university. Discover a wide range of programs, gain knowledge, and open doors to a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.

Assistance with Student Finance Application

Helping you navigate the student finance application process, ensuring you receive the financial support you need for your education.

Guaranteed Placement Upon Course Completion

Securing placement after course completion is guaranteed, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of your academic journey.

Your Reliable Educational Partner

Trustworthy and dependable, we are your reliable educational partner. With a commitment to your success, we provide guidance, support, and resources to help you achieve your educational goals.

Guaranteed Placement After Course Completion.

Securing placement after course completion is guaranteed, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of your academic journey.

Mature student looking to re-start University education?

The journey of education is ongoing, and sometimes we haven't finished our studies yet, but with determination and support, we can continue towards our academic goals.

We welcome experienced professionals with missing qualifications

Navigating the educational landscape can be challenging, especially when faced with a missing qualification, but with guidance and determination, alternative pathways can lead to success.

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